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Mainstream Media

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Beto for prez

“Dems love a Kennedy. Beto might not have the pedigree, but he has the requisite driving skills.”—Jim Treacher

And he can lie with the best of them.

Treacher: “That might be why some have described Beto as ‘the white Obama.’ Which is an insult. To Obama.”

Trump’s undignified. Who cares?

Scott Adams loved Trump’s “very stable genius” Tweet and so does Jim Treacher, who opines:

“Trump’s behavior is beneath the dignity of the office, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe the office shouldn’t have been so dignified for all these centuries. Maybe we’ve exalted the presidency too highly. Maybe this Trump/media knife-fight is a good thing, in the long run.”

Looks that way to me. The media needs taking down. So if Trump is undignified, so what?

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Shut up, he explained

“This morning, His Majesty magnanimously took some time out of his busy day to perform his most important task as King of America: Condemning the common rabble who resist his will.”

That Barry, what a troll. Er, card.

Watch yourself in D.C. now

Especially if you’re a well-known critic of, among other liberals, Hilarity Rodham You-know-who, the, uh, secretary of state. You’re liable to get run down by one of her minions, even if you are in the crosswalk and have the right-of-way. Coincidence? Maybe.

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