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Prayers requested

Scott Chaffin, my incomparable IT guy who has sheparded me through many a software update with a minimum of irritation at my ignorance, has been struggling with late stage lung cancer for more than two years.

His last post on his The Fat Guy blog early Wednesday was part of his commitment to keep a public diary of the effort. It came shortly after another series of radiation treatments at M.D. Anderson in Houston:

“Beaten, damn near broken. They assure me that it will get better. Don’t expect much out of me for a few days, though.”

Scott seems to be hospitalized near family in Northeast Texas, according to Tom Galli, a lung cancer survivor who’s been advising him on treatments for a while now. Tom says in a comment on Scott’s blog that he is in ICU on a ventilator after a failed operation to remove an obstruction on his esophagus.

Prayers for Scott’s recovery would be good. Or at least an easy passage onward.

UPDATE:  “Scott passed at midnight. He was sleeping comfortably and with his family,” according to blog friend Otis. A memorial service is planned for Sunday, the 16th.

The Texas Rangers have lost their most loyal fan. And we have lost a friend.

Help a friend

My San Antonio friend and Texas Scribbler Web master Scott Chaffin has been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer.

Self-employed as he is, Scott’s in need of some help for treatment costs. Instapundit’s notice yesterday already is helping. Note tip jar upper right sidebar here. I gave something. You should, too.