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Another scorcher

KVUE meteorologists are predicting another unseasonably hot day, with a high of 97 degrees and a low in the 70s overnight, and similar temps through what has usually been a cool and wet Memorial Day weekend. That should bring smiles to the Global Warming apocolyptees, though these warm and cool periods came and went long before anyone heard of the Gorebot and his minions. And with cooling oceans, a decline in the average worldwide land temperature and the U.S. average temeprature, a thickening of the pack ice in the Arctic and more hints of global cooling, GW is looking more like a fraud every day.

The waves

The waves of rain some meteorologists predicted seem to have made their appearance on KVUE’s Web radar, with showers at the rancho for the first time all day. But the forecast rain totals were revised downward from as much as 10 inches to as little as 2 to 4 inches. That’s good because Lake Travis is more than full for the first time in two years. The Lower Colorado River Authority has opened the floodgates at Mansfield Dam. It’s been a wild three months as the lake has come back from the drought of 05-06. Any great additional rain now in the lake’s watershed could start flooding homes out there on the shoreline. Looks like the Turnback Canyon race is going to get wet tonight. They’re probably asleep. They have to get up later this morning to retrace the whole 19 miles they came today.

Turnback Canyon race

Despite the storms, the Austin Yacht Club is pressing ahead with its annual 19-mile race on Lake Travis. I’ve only tried this one three times since 1985, all three aborted about two-thirds of the way from sunburn and exhaustion. Each time, I spent the night in a small cove miles from the finish line and the parties and etc. The last attempt was the most memorable, because Mr. Boy’s mom broke her hand, hitting it on the transom when trying to start the manual outboard to help me position the anchor in the cove. Fortunately the First Aid kit had a splint and chemical ice pack, and we watched a sitcom on a small TV we had. Motored home the next morning and went to the emergency room. Hope no one has it that bad this weekend and that all arrive on time, despite the inevitable debris in the water from the flooding.