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Miriam Carey is still dead

Every two-bit petty criminal who happens to be black gets the full snooze media treatment with walk-on parts by our Little Barry and his pal Al Sharpton. But when a young, law-abiding black mother is gunned down by a pack of wild police animals…Crickets.

Via Mouth of the Brazos

UPDATE:  Not too many have contributed to her legal fund, probably reflecting people’s ability to recognize futility when they see it. But I gave some and you should, too.

Miriam Carey is still dead

The thugs Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin got all the attention, the demos, the speeches, the news media and the pols…

“Meanwhile, Miriam Carey, a young black [unarmed] mother with her baby in tow, was gunned down in a hail of at least 26 gunshots by Capitol Police in Washington more than a year ago. She committed no crime, but made a wrong turn near the White House. Few facts have been publicly released, and all official video has been suppressed. Despite investigations by the police and Justice Department, no charges have been recommended against any police officers. There have been no demonstrations…”

I’m with WND writer Joseph Farah, I still don’t get it.