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The Gorebot and the mosquitoes

I’ve always figured that old Army journalist Al Gore took one look at the acclaim and money that greeted Michael Moore’s fraudulent documentary on 9/11 and said to himself, "Ah ha, I can do that!"

And he did. And his Oscar- and Nobel-winning Inconvenient Truth is as big a crock as Moore’s opus. But I missed the bit where Gore claims AGW will increase insect-borne diseases such as malaria. The example he used of mosquitoes fluttering their way to Nairobi is wrong. But, in the spirit of MM’s crockumentary, the Gorebot uses it anyway. Of course. Money and fame are the aim.

Meanwhile, for those who find the Gorebot too annoying to spend much time with, there are these hundred reasons why climate change is not man-made. And New Scientist’s rebuttal which, curiously, only addresses half of the hundred reasons. Ran out of space, I guess. On the Net?

Mosquito repellant

It’s bad enough to have no air-conditioning on a sticky, hot September night in Houston and Galveston, where most neighborhoods have no power and aren’t likely to get any for some days yet.

But the mosquitoes. Yipes. Especially if you hadn’t stocked up on repellant beforehand. And, now, with all that standing water. Fortunately, a cold front is due through Texas this afternoon. These are the last days of summer. A few nights at sixty degrees should cut back on the mosquito population pretty thoroughly. But getting the electricity back on may take longer. Glad we haven’t lost it in Austin.

UPDATE:  We actually got some rain overnight. Well, a sprinkle or two. Probably due to the impending cold front more than whatever’s left of Ike, which is way far east of here.