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VN vet study reaffirms PTSD is chronic

Latest print issue of VVA Veteran has results of the Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal Study of 2014, a followup to the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study of 1986. Both were funded by the VA.

The new study confirms the 1986 findings in that a majority of “Vietnam theater veterans,” presumably meaning those who served in-country “are mentally and physically healthy four or more decades after their warzone service.” Their average age is now 67 years old.

But “a significant number [about 14 percent] are suffering from persistent and chronic PTSD symptoms related to their experiences in the war.” And their rates of depression are “more than fifty times greater” than those who do not have PTSD. The PTSD also appears to be episodic, waxing and waning on its own cycle.

The study and its results are expected to be useful in anticipating the long-term needs of veterans of more recent campaigns, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Via VVA Veteran.