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The Democrat economy’s latest decline

The Democrats, now firmly aligned with the gentry urban greens of both coasts instead of the Midwest working classes they once claimed to represent, saw the latest fruits of their, ahem, labor, in the first quarter.

“President Obama’s own Administration officially reports that the U.S. economy DECLINED by 1% in the first quarter of this year. That follows 1.9% reported total annual growth for all of 2013. The U.S. economy sustained a real rate of economic growth of 3.3% from 1945 to 1973, and achieved the same 3.3% sustained real growth from 1982 to 2007.”

Then you-know-who got elected president and bingo! Although lots of people now blame him as the worst president since World War II, they really ought to blame his party. He has faithfully signed off on all of their unprecedented regulations and tax boosts for business and consumers. So it’s no surprise the Democrat jobless recovery is in decline once more.

Unemployment, meanwhile, is far higher than the 8 percent lie the feds and their news media allies tell, closer to twice that and maybe more. Highest of all among blacks and other minorities.

Core Democrat supporters are down on their own political class, though they have only themselves and their “progressive” ideology to blame. They voted for these clowns.

Via Peter Ferrara at Forbes.

UPDATE:  If the feds and their media cronies were honest (you wish) they’d be admitting we’re already in another recession. Even that we never left the first one and, as some contend, we’re actually in the second Great Depression. But, of course, they prefer to try to help the Democrats survive the November elections.