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“If The Number Of Islamic Terror Attacks Continues At The Current Rate, Candlelight Vigils Will Soon Be The Number-One Cause Of Global Warming. ”
Argus Hamilton

Or school shootings, we might add.

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The pathetic loser

Nevermind his name, nor the death toll he inflicted. And as much as I regret the anguish of the parents and guardians, nevermind the Mediacrat coverage of them and their deceased children. I was sick of it months ago.

The only way to stop a school shooter is to shoot back. Period. But the Mediacrat chorus will never tell you that. Because guns, etc.

What the Mediacrats will tell you is what will ensure these school shootings go on and on and on. Here.

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School killings old, old

Think American school shootings, stabbings, and general violence leading to death are a modern phenom? Think again.

Not counting Indian “warrior” raids on schools, first recorded in 1764, the first recorded one was in 1871, in La Grange County, Indiana. There were just six more in the Nineteenth Century.

Then things really picked up. The Bloody Twentieth Century recorded twenty-three before World War II. Fourteen more by 1960. Then a hundred and thirty-two before the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, CO, in April, 1999.

Followed by  a hundred and twenty-six more by Jan. 22 of this year. Whew.

So these things really aren’t new, except in the sense of clothing fashions, i.e. what’s old is new again.