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Yipes: Fossil fuels are greening the planet

Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t fossil fuels and the Greens quite distinct? Isn’t the former the nemesis of the other? Isn’t the so-called runaway greenhouse effect and, uh, its attendant global warming, supposed to create deserts at least as far north as Minneapolis-St. Paul?

Hmm. Instead, it seems, vegetation up there (and even farther north) is growing like mad. More plants, more trees, more grass. Well, these things do take in CO2 in order to grow, and so, taking in the CO2, they are, indeed, growing. Duh.

UPDATE:  The Gorebot didn’t get the memo, or, more likely, he got it but didn’t want to read it as it conflicts with his plan to raise taxes. And, naturally, Obutthead is still leading with his behind. As what they’ve left of our economy dies, get ready for the new Ice Age.