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The Liberal Media Matrix

“The Sentinels who protect the liberal media matrix are vigilant against thoughtcrime, they anathematize dissent, but they are less interested in the canons of professional journalism, such as presenting both sides of a story and refraining from baseless speculation.

“Right now they are heralding Ilhan Omar for her courage, turning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into the flag-bearer of the Democratic Party, and confident that no matter the opposition Trump will be defeated. Best be skeptical. As with all the other bogus stories, reality will make itself felt in the end. It always does.”

Via The Washington Free Beacon

From the NYTimes lips to the IRS ear

Getting an unfavorable mention in the Democrat’s newspaper of record is not the way to have a good day. In fact, if you’re a pro-Israel charitable group, it can lead to an IRS audit:

“They really kind of focused on us,” HaYovel’s founder, Tommy Waller, told the Washington Free Beacon regarding the [2010] New York Times story. “Then six months later we had an [IRS] audit.”

And it was probably no coincidence, because as Z Street, another pro-Israel charitable group told the Wall Street Journal what it was told in 2010 when it queried why its tax application was taking so long: …[it was] because auditors were required to inspect more thoroughly any groups “connected with Israel… to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the administration’s public policies.”

Can’t have that, can we now? Wormtongue’s “public policies” come before any silly old thing like the First Amendment. What do you think the IRS is for? His is a government of bennies for liberals, not laws for all.

Via JNS.org

UPDATE:  Other pro-Israel charitable groups got their audits thanks to the WaPo, another reliable Democrat stenographer.