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Murder as satire

“The New Zealand mass shooter wrote a fake manifesto that is actually what Internet trolls call ‘shitposting.’ Since the press is now useless, I will explain to you why the manifesto is fake. The mass shooting was the first mass-casualty ‘meatspace’ trolling event in human history. Meatspace is the world outside of the Internet.”

No wonder the New Zealand prime minister refuses to release, much less discuss the mass murder’s manifesto. It’s uncomfortably bizarre.

Via Quod Verum

Let the border wall begin

Hey, but it wasn’t in that omnibus budget the Congress just passed and The Donald signed. No? Guess again.

It was buried under Defense Appropriations. All $1.6 billion of it. What is a border wall if not Defense and National Security? The Dems had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. Now they have.

Via Thomas Wictor at American Digest.