Fleeing Iran

Where is the UN refugee agency when it’s needed? Sucking up to the Iranians, apparently.

Iranian dissident Zahra Kamalfar and her two teenage children are trapped in the Moscow airport, trying to avoid deportation back to Iran. An international law firm is trying to help. Meanwhile the Russian authorities are cooperating with Iranian intelligence. So to speak.

The MSM is curiously absent on this story. But Pajamas Media has updates and Lone Star Times. Both have email addresses where you can protest.

UPDATE  On the day before Thanksgiving, there appears to be some progress in the case. "Pajamas Media, as of 9:10 PST today, has been informed that the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has just issued an order barring the deportation of Zahra Kamalfar and her children from Moscow for two weeks."

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  1. Oh heck. I hope it ends well. It make me mad to remember when Ayatollah Khomeini was received as a guest of honor in France and to compare it with the fate of these folks.