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Our inept Navy


You could blame Obumbles. Lots of people are. But it was our allegedly mighty Navy that made the mess he only stepped in. Presumably the immediate, on-scene commander of this humiliation has been relieved and is awaiting courts martial and a ruined career. They do that to commanders whose boats merely run aground. Not to mention the chatty noncom who ought to be booted.

Via PowerLine & Mouth of the Brazos

UPDATE:  Instead of competence, this is what they focus on.

Close only counts in rockets and horse shoes

Fifteen hundred yards is close? In whose universe?

That’s 4,500 feet. I know this is normally a slow “news” period, but come on…

What are we bucking for here with Iran? Another Gulf of Tonkin “incident”?

Via Fox News

Why Iran won’t build nukes

Or so says Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, because, despite the war drums getting louder and louder….

“What can Iran do with a nuclear weapon?” he asked rhetorically. “For example, will they hit Israel? How many Palestinians will die? And you think if Iran hits Israel, their cities will be safe? They will be gone the next day.”

Makes sense, as far as it goes, especially coming from someone whose country is just fifty miles across the Persian Gulf from Iran. But do the Persian Mullahs have any sense? They haven’t made much so far.

More than one way to skin the Persian nuclear kitty

Nice to see there’s yet another computer virus/worm/trojan attacking Iran’s nuclear bomb-making computers. Duqu, which was acknowledged just a day after a blast at an Iranian missile site killed 17 and wounded many more, apparently is an offspring of Stuxnet, which earlier delayed things:

“Duqu appeared to be designed to gather data to make it easier to launch future cyber attacks, experts told Reuters. Stuxnet was aimed at crippling industrial control systems and may have destroyed some of the centrifuges Iran uses to enrich uranium.”

So, despite Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s assertion that Iran will get its nukes if Obamalot is re-elected, even that may not be enough for the Mad Mullahs to arm themselves (and their terrorist clients) with the world’s most fearsome weapon.

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

Messy? You bet. Otherwise, however, we have as Lee Smith wrote last week in Tablet, become Iran’s ally in its drive to create a nuclear weapon. And Obamalot’s recent decision to withdraw our troops from Iraq, only adds to the problem.

“It was misguided to turn American soldiers into potential hostages to Iranian terror. It’s a hundred times MORE misguided now to pull our forces out of Iraq: we need the capacity to deter Iran from swinging its weight in Iraq and turning it into a Persian satrapy. (The Baghdad government might not like this, but if we really want to, we have ways to persuade regimes like this to cooperate.)”

After all, if we can cooperate in Daffy Gadaffi’s execution… And if Obamalot must remain gutless on Iran, at least they can pull our forces out of Europe. They’ve been there, and very expensively, since 1945.

Texas student to be tried in Iran

“Some reports have said he is accused of leaking Iranian nuclear secrets to the U.S. But John Keto, chairman of the graduate studies program for UT’s physics department, told the American-Statesman that Iran’s accusations against [Omid] Kokabee were ludicrous because he never studied nuclear science. Keto described Kokabee as quiet and apolitical.”

Good luck, Omid. With the mad mullahs of Iran, you’re going to need it.

Stuxnet is to laugh

Islam makes you stupid, indeed. Thus the Iranians continue to prattle about their coming nuclear capability, even as the reported Zionist computer virus continues to cripple their nuclear plant—with forecasts of more to come. It’s much better than bombs, and a lot safer for the pilots, too.