More drought ahead

That’s the apparent forecast, according to KVUE chief meteorologist Mark Murray, and the latest data on the El Nino Southern Oscillation, which is oscillating in an unfortunate (for us) direction:

"These trends in surface and subsurface ocean temperatures indicate that the warm episode (El Niño) is weakening. It is still possible for some areas to experience El Niño-related effects during the next month, primarily in the region of the central tropical Pacific."

One supposes that the normal (i.e. non-El Nino) Central Texas spring could still bring us abundant rainfall by the end of May-June, but Mark didn’t seem too optimistic about it when we spoke last night. Lake Travis remains really low, and its manager, the Lower Colorado River Authority, recently took the unprecedented step of denying what remains of its water to Texas rice farmers down on the coast.

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