Snickup in Lampassas

Nice town, Lampassas. Just a few score miles northwest of the rancho, actually. The snickup referred to, to use Mr. Boy’s term, is by the federal government, of course: A government temperature sensor right smack in the middle of the urban heat island. Brilliant. Result? An artificial warming trend. One more part of the Global Warming Scam beloved by politicians, like Al Gore, who have nothing better to do. Like closing the border or winning the war. A previous example shows Lampassas is not alone.

Thanks to Rene’s Apple.

UPDATE: Despite such obvious flaws in the ointment, the Californicators want to teach GW in the schools.

0 responses to “Snickup in Lampassas

  1. Snickup – I like it. Soon Mr. Boy will do better than your Californicators.
    Besides, all these CA troubles are due to the water they get second hand from Colorado river or some other source…

  2. Alas, as he grows older, he mainly merely adopts the words already available. CA’s problem is near-terminal stupidity, from Berkeley in the north to Hollyweird in the south.