Hilarity’s secret weapon

While the suckers hustle down to the elementary schools to vote for Obama-rama and CHANGE, the real action is out where Hilarity and Slick Willie are passing out "campaign contributions" to the Democrat Superdelegates. Buying their votes, get it?. And I thought the Texas Lege had cornered the market on legal political graft. These Democrat Superdelegates will vote for the one who bought ’em at the proper time and that one will get the nomination. ‘Course we’ll have to wait to see which candidate gives out the most bucks. Barry and Michelle must figure they will. "Yes We Can!" But I’d bet on Hilarity, because, I mean, think about it: Every minute those old Clinton retainers from ’92-’00 who want to get their jobs back are out beating the bushes for more bucks.

UPDATE: Strange that there’s no mention of the bought-and-paid-for part here.

0 responses to “Hilarity’s secret weapon

  1. Sometimes I wonder if maybe people like us are just way too cynical about the whole political process.
    I can usually knock those wonderings back with a beer or two, though. I realize that if I am cynical, it’s because they made me that way. So far, every time I’ve put those feelings of cynicism aside, and grabbed for the hope held out by some guy running for some office, I’ve been made the fool.
    A snipe hunt, you know?

  2. Politics ain’t beanbag, Mr. Dooley.
    Especially if you’re a Lefty prone to lying. Though I think in Barry’s case, if you agree with him, you’ll find hope in him. I do not and so I don’t.