Dirty tricks

The Dems have done it, I’m sure, and the Republicans, too, from time to time. But publicly encouraging Republicans to vote for Hilarity in the Dem primaries in Texas and Ohio, to keep her and Barry in a nomination battle–like big-mouth Rush Limbaugh is doing–is really foolish. Not to mention unethical. No wonder his influence is said to be declining.

UPDATE:  National Review Online, at least, says it seems to have been a significant factor in Barry’s 48 percent to 51 percent loss of the popular vote in Texas. But nobody in Barry’s camp is yet blaming Limbaugh. Some evidence, anyhow, of Limbaugh’s mini-vast right wing conspiracy.

0 responses to “Dirty tricks

  1. ehh… my dad (life long Repub) is voting for Obama to ensure Hillary doesn’t get back in. I think the crossovers will all end in a wash (unlike what happened early in the ‘pub primaries), and whoever McCain faces is who he is meant to face. Hillary’s said she’s not dropping out, and it would be totally out of character for her to do so. Frankly, the rampant racism in the dim party may yet be their own undoing. Keep the popcorn comin’; this is just getting gooder ‘n gooder.

  2. Dick Stanley

    I don’t care what individuals do. It’s their vote. Trying to orchestrate it is what bothers me. As for me, I can’t see wasting my vote on either one of them, since I don’t really care which one is nominated. I think either one will be beaten, for different reasons, but still beaten–him because he has no experience and will be seen eventually to be a liar, and her because she is a liar and also has Bad Bill in tow.

  3. oh, now… Rush knows his audience well enough to know that they DON’T listen for marching orders. His point is that we need them both to stay in the race for as long as possible, bloodying and exposing each other. They can criticize one another, but if John says the exact same thing…. “racist, sexist”

  4. Dick Stanley

    Seems to me that declaring dirty-trick war the way Limbaugh has is just asking for trouble.