Bush in control

I don’t watch television much. Television, as someone said the other day, is for losers. So I didn’t watch the president’s news conference. So I didn’t get the sound of all the word fumbling that he normally commits–although he’s nowhere near as vacuous as Baby Barry. But in the transcript, which the White House makes available in these glorious Internet days when one is no longer hostage to whatever the newspapers are willing to print of it, or whatever the teevee and radio folks are willing to air of it, Bush reads pretty good–inspiring, even, unless you hate him as some do.

For one thing, he delivers the most succinct summary of the how of the war on terrorism that I’ve read in a long time, and there’s another good one on just how the oil companies are trying to take advantage of $140 a barrel oil by seeking more supply. Then there’s his take, repeated several times to similar questions, about how the American people are smart enough to adjust their own driving and thermostats without the nanny state’s help. Lord, yes. How could they not be? All in all, he sounds pretty confident to me, not at all the shell-shocked lightweight the Seablogger encountered on the tube. Maybe there’s a lesson here. Read the transcript, people. You’ve finally got it available whenever you want it. So read it.

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  1. He has no idea and will not do anything anyway. Saw the press conference and he was his usual smirking , I am better than everyone else, self and blamed everything on everyone except his inept administration. I bet he can’t wait to get back to his oil rich cronies. Joe

  2. As a journalist, you should know better than to believe some biased statements by the Bush people as compared to listening to the news conference in its entirety in drawing your conclusions. Television is what it is and even your buddy Bush cannot hide his better than thou attitude. Eva

  3. Dick Stanley

    Hey it’s nice to have you guys join in, even if I don’t agree with you. I’m a recovering journalist, actually. Bush is not really my buddy, although I did vote for him in ’04 and only regret that he hasn’t been more pushy in support of the war, and in explaining how the environmental elitists and the no-drill Dems have created these high gas prices. I’m sure they’d rather blame the speculators, as I see they are already doing.
    Also I really don’t believe the White House would or could fudge the transcript. As I say, I don’t like television, or the faux journalists who populate events like this, and I had better things to do than to watch, so having the actual remarks, in the Q & A format, to read later is a great thing. As for his “better than thou” attitude, well, I like that, too. 😉

  4. I’m a frequent viewer your blog but never posted. However, after reading this post and the comments I couldn’t resist posting a comment myself.
    I read the transcript of the press conference this morning and must say it’s much more refreshing and encouraging than listening to Uncle George. =) He may not have the fluent speaking abilities of BJ Clinton or BH Obama but his message is very clear when you read the transcript. He still believes in Liberty! His response to the question about driving less and turning down our thermostats is what I expect from our President. At least he supports the principles this country was founded on, even if he doesn’t communicate that too well.

  5. Thanks, Dick! I thoroughly agree with you and love your commenter’s point that Bush still believes in liberty and individuals’ strengths and intelligence. A while ago, I watched a press conference in the Rose Garden and for over an hour saw a group of relaxed and interesting people talk with Bush; there were real conversations with the reporters and the reporters were inquiring, not attacking. Imagine my surprise when I read newspaper and blog reports the next day about what a smirky nasty business it had all been. I’d seen and heard it myself and not one person there smirked or put anyone down or said anything stupid or disparaging. Quite thoroughly the contrary.
    I concluded that (a) BDS is far more interfering than rose-colored glasses and (b) many media presenters and bloggers either have BDS or want to put things in terrible light even if it distorts what actually occurred.
    But it will be exhausting if we try and cover EVERYthing ourselves!

  6. Dick Stanley

    Kram: Welcome aboard! Yes, watching Uncle G. can be a trial, even for those of us who essentially agree with him.
    Anne: Nice to see you again. It is interesting how different people can watch the same event and come away with opposite conclusions. I agree that, in GW’s case, BDS probably has a lot to do with it.