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The Three Snoops

The cartoonist ought to have added the nincompoop Barry assigned to run the Defense Department since it (allegedly) controls the National Security Agency and the CIA which are running the domestic spy ops on all of us in the name of fighting terrorism. Worked so well in Boston and Fort Hood, didn’t it.

“Knowing in my heart that President Obama has all the integrity of a Maitre D’, I figured that Americans would get the responsible service in this regard that they paid for, which for most of us is a contemptible near-zero amount.”

As J.D. Allen reminds, it’s not a question of whether the spying feds (and their undoubted director Wormtongue) have time to look at billions of emails and phone records. Of course they don’t.

Rather, it’s about when they decide, for whatever reason (and they get to pick the reason) to look at our individual emails and phone records. That’s when you’ll know (too late) that you’ve been chosen to play the “rule of law” game. A game they almost always win, even if you can afford to turn over a major part of your assets (such as selling your home) to pay a defense lawyer.

Bush in control

I don’t watch television much. Television, as someone said the other day, is for losers. So I didn’t watch the president’s news conference. So I didn’t get the sound of all the word fumbling that he normally commits–although he’s nowhere near as vacuous as Baby Barry. But in the transcript, which the White House makes available in these glorious Internet days when one is no longer hostage to whatever the newspapers are willing to print of it, or whatever the teevee and radio folks are willing to air of it, Bush reads pretty good–inspiring, even, unless you hate him as some do.

For one thing, he delivers the most succinct summary of the how of the war on terrorism that I’ve read in a long time, and there’s another good one on just how the oil companies are trying to take advantage of $140 a barrel oil by seeking more supply. Then there’s his take, repeated several times to similar questions, about how the American people are smart enough to adjust their own driving and thermostats without the nanny state’s help. Lord, yes. How could they not be? All in all, he sounds pretty confident to me, not at all the shell-shocked lightweight the Seablogger encountered on the tube. Maybe there’s a lesson here. Read the transcript, people. You’ve finally got it available whenever you want it. So read it.