Sarah rumor debunking

Actually it says there that it’s Palin Rumors Explorations, but it pretty much accomplishes debunking. Considering that we have nine weeks to go before the election and Obambi and his overpaid and unscrupulous backers in the establishment media are highly unlikely to give up without a fierce fight, the smears are only likely to increase. Making the site a pretty good antidote for the latest obnoxious claim. There are sixty-six of them there so far. On the mildly naughty side, it is fetching to know that "it appears that she has a Big Dipper tattooed on her ankle." The Big Dipper is Alaska’s symbol, you know.

MORE:  Even Obambi’s campaign site was getting into the smears. Not surprising since she has stolen his excitement (what else has he got) and Mac has stolen his message of hope and change.

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