The rocket rain

It’s ho-hum, media-and-big-politician-business-as-usual when the Palestinians are raining rockets and mortars on southern Israeli towns, week after week. But let the Israelis retaliate and Big Media pulls out the stops, plastering photos of wailing Palestinians all over the air- and Web-waves. Yegads but those people can act. They sure know a camera when they see one. Al-Reuters bemoans the end to "six months of relative calm." Suddenly the Arab street is a’blaze. The Left is all a’ flutter. European leaders are aghast. Israel’s side, meanwhile, is, uh, conveniently forgotten. Bleh.

MORE: Fortunately, there are alternatives to the usual blather, here and here, via Instapundit. And one more.

0 responses to “The rocket rain

  1. You’re right, that will keep the media busy, till they move on to the annointment of BO. Speaking of which, how do you think the new President will handle this situation, as its sure to worsen, given the mind-set of Hamas?

  2. That’s a good question. Some of his aides had some contact with Hamas before the election, but, then, he’s apparently thrown over most of his other radical associates. So who knows. We’re going to find out, of course.