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The anti-Semites of the Dictator’s Club

It starts at the top of the “democracy of tyrants,” aka the United Nations, where the Security Council now wants to erase 65 years and force Israel to negotiate peace based on the 1949 armistice lines.

This comes after Secretary-General Ban Ki moon decided to investigate Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza while noticeably ignoring Gaza’s rocketeers’ crimes and a host of other, more likely (even obvious) culprits:

There is virtually nothing else that the United Nations seems to do.  No war-crimes investigations in Syria (110,000 191,000 murdered, some by poison gas and chemicals) or in Iraq, where Christians are getting crucified by ISIL and Al Qaeda thugs and cutthroats, even as other Christians are being exiled from their homes of a thousand years on pain of death.

“No war-crimes peeks around eastern Ukraine to figure out who murdered the passengers aboard a simple civilian airliner and then would not even allow Dutch officials to access the corpses of the slaughtered.  Rather, another farcical search for blood in matzah, four months since last Pesach and eight months before the next.”

That last is a reference to the medieval “blood libel” of the anti-Semites, who periodically (and increasingly, lately) charge that children are being purposely slain by the bloodthirsty Jews. The matzah part is there, it just isn’t reported.

The Security Council’s and Ban Ki Ludicrous’s concern is obvious. And it ain’t got nothing to do with the Arabs of Gaza,  Judea or Samaria. Is it any wonder the UN has lost the respect of most fair-minded people?

Via Arutz Sheva.

UPDATE:  The “progressive” British newspaper The Independent calls Israel a “child-murdering community.” Of Hamas’ use of children as human shields, of course, they say nothing.

Rule 5: Tal Shahar


An IDF staff sergeant paramedic in Operation Protective Edge.

Via Ynet News.

Obama nonsense

Wormtongue (a notorious liar) says (among the many, many, many things he says) he wants to end the Israeli siege of Gaza’s terrorists and let them have their own seaport and own international airport. That makes him either a useful idiot for the jihadis or a scumbag who wants them to destroy Israel.

Fortunately, even Haaretz, Israel’s New York Times (i.e. so leftist it avoids walking too heavily on its right foot) publishes at least one columnist who is quite blunt (although diplomatic) in his disagreement.

“….we must not reach any agreement with Gaza,” says former IDF intelligence operative Mordechai Kedar, “What can bring quiet to Gaza is only fear based on the sure knowledge that any provocation – and it doesn’t matter which organization does that provocation – will be answered with a non-proportionate response.

“The idea of removing the sea blockade should not even be broached and certainly not the thought of an airport. Israel can continue to sell Gaza food, water, medicines, gasoline and electricity to prevent a humanitarian tragedy there.”

Wormtongue isn’t even mentioned, which is probably as much diplomacy as he and his latest crop of ridiculous notions deserve.

Message to Hamas


A Golani Infantry Brigade poster. The green olive tree is their logo and the Golan Heights is their usual stomping ground.

Translation from the Hebrew: “To Hamas terrorists. There is no light in the end of the tunnel. There is Golani.”

Not that it will be easy.

Burying the “women and children” meme

Can we finally rid ourselves of this hypocritical phrase that only still works in patriarchal Muslim societies that oppress women and dote on their diminishingly few children.

Hamas uses it as a propaganda tool, while sending out children in bomb vests to kill Israeli soldiers and employing women as snipers. And the leftist news media happily buys it.

Women, certainly Western women, are long past the fragile flower stage. They no longer need special protection and certainly don’t deserve to be first in any lifeboat. Children under 13, of course, need special care, although Hamas, and other jihadi groups start recruiting them as soon as they can walk and talk.

Hurray for Pallywood

I’m still waiting for Flat Fatima to make her appearance, though as long as the bloodthirsty religious fanatics of Gaza have real dead children to photograph they won’t need to bring out cardboard Fatima, Rage Boy, and fake wounded in ripped clothes.

But they’ll do it if they have to. Got to keep up the “wretched Palestinian” narrative for the credulous Presbyterians, United Methodists and assorted academic Leftists with short memories. They have lots of throw-down dolls to scatter amongst the wreckage for the Western photogs to snap for instant tragedy.

I worked with an American photographer years ago (before I became a recovering journalist) who kept a throw-down doll in his trunk for natural disasters and fires when no other presented itself. His was scuffed and had a missing foot. Pallywood frequently forgets and uses new ones. But his real specialty was seating survivors under age 10 in the wreckage and speaking mournfully to them until they cried. Nothing like a real tear glistening on a smooth, pre-adolescent cheek. Once the acne comes in it’s not so effective.

Pallywood also will manufacture such opportunities when they fail to present themselves. Back during the Lebanon deal an al Reuters fellow-traveler working in the darkroom tried to make Beirut look more devastated by doubling and tripling the smoke plumes. He didn’t bother to edit them; they were obviously exactly the same and so he got caught.

If the Palestinians put even a quarter of the effort they put into this poop doing things entrepreneurial, they might all be rich instead of depending on UN and Presbyterian charity and being led by crooks like Abbas and Hamas who steal the charity to live high while their “constituents” scrape by, too wrapped up in their hatred of Jooz to rebel or to get the hell out.

Via Simply Jews and Phase Line Birnam Wood.

Good luck to the IDF

I wish it wasn’t necessary to put the brave young men and women of the Israel Defense Forces in harm’s way in Gaza, but after the terrorists of Hamas and its ragtag hangers-on fired rockets acquired from Iran at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, it seems to be necessary.

According to Austin’s private, open-source intelligence company Stratfor,

“….during Cast Lead [in 2008], they operated at night and creat[ed] their own crossing points [into Gaza] as opposed to using previously established points.

“They also relied heavily upon combat engineers, armored construction equipment including unmanned D9 bulldozers, and dog teams to establish their own avenues of approach instead of using common routes through Gaza.

“Ground units also worked in heavy conjunction with air assets for reconnaissance and close air support, and had access to comprehensive artillery support. This allowed them to avoid improvised explosive devices, heavily mined primary access routes, ambushes and counterattacks militants had planned near the assumed IDF approaches.”

But they’re bound to face surprises this time which could see more of them killed and crippled, each one a major tragedy for their immediate family and everyone in such a small country.

“Already in this round of fighting, unconfirmed reports have emerged saying that militants are using [shoulder-fired ground-to-air anti-aircraft missiles]. If these rumors are true, it could force a more limited role for rotary-wing air support as well as anti-tank guided missiles and thus seriously hamper the firepower, cover and protection provided by armor.”

Read more: Considering an Israeli Ground Assault in Gaza | Stratfor.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, the IDF asks bloggers and news media not to say exactly where one of these unguided Hamas rockets lands, which might help them improve their targeting. Done.