Here come the censors

No, they’re not Republicans or the religious right. They’re Democrats, all. Led by one Linda Sanchez, a California congresswoman (where else would she be from), who is stupider than a box of rocks, dumber even than VP Biden, and that’s saying something. (Unfortunately she lacks Biden’s comic relief.)

In saying that, I have just potentially violated her proposed federal law against "severe, repeated and hostile speech" on the Internet. It carries a possible punishment of two years imprisonment. But it’s not just dumbbell Sanchez. Her bill has fourteen House supporters who also want to censor speech they don’t like. Will they succeed? I won’t be surprised if they do. Not after their phony "stimulus" bill. On the other hand, Sanchez tried this last year and got nowhere. But her party is in charge now.

UPDATE:  And, of course, it’s all in the name of "the children." They want to infantilize the world.

0 responses to “Here come the censors

  1. Hey dude, she’s for a living Constitution, which means she has no time to read what the thing says now. Duh!

  2. Dick Stanley

    Maybe Barry will nominate her to the Supreme Court, eh?