Falcon 9: It is Rocket Science

The first launch of SpaceX’s heavy lift vehicle, Falcon 9, may be delayed until fall, but its Falcon 1’s orbiting of a Malaysian sat ten days ago was a plus. Fun to have their Merlin engine test facilities just up the road in McGregor, southwest of Waco.

Might not be if they were rattling our windows, but they don’t do tests very often. Since their founder Elon Musk is the co-founder of PayPal, I hope my use of that service helps SpaceX, too. Falcon 9 was designed from the start to fly a four-man crew and service the International Space Station once the shuttles are retired.

Good luck, guys. It might not be in your plans but I hope you can beat the Indians and Chinese to the moon.

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  1. Yeah, if the government wouldn’t…

  2. Dick Stanley

    The government is too bogged down in guaranteed civil service job rules to be able to, even if they wanted. Which I sometimes doubt.