Sol’s new spots


The sunspot drought hasn’t ended entirely yet, but these new Earth-size ones are the first in more than a year on the Earth-facing side of Sol. They’re a hopeful sign that we may not, afterall, be headed for more ice and cold than usual from the deepest solar minimum in almost a century.

0 responses to “Sol’s new spots

  1. It’s happened before and they keep saying, “This time, this time.”
    I think I linked some stories about it, there hasn’t been “no” sunspots for a year, just very, very few.
    Every time one pops up, they say, “Yay! Cycle 24 is starting!”, and then it doesn’t.
    They’re mad at the Sun, it’s not doing what it should be doing.

  2. What were seen before were specks, not spots. These are big enough to qualify as the real McCoy. Whether they continue to appear, we’ll have to wait and see.