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Truly bizarre. The off-key singer’s voice grates at times. But it’s worth it.

The Lonely Author

Recently purchased two 100 foot extension cords. This poem and every poem scheduled to post in April, were written under a palm tree.


my restless heart can’t sleep
ever since she soaked my dreams
like a warm summer shower
of fireflies and fantasies
cascading radiance onto my soul
splashing away the darkness
causing my moons to shine
every sunrise to glow
my life is one sleepy blur
sleep or reality
i don’t know
just let me die of insomnia
so i continue dreaming of her

There will be a short funny post on Wednesday. Feel free to drop by and celebrate my birthday with me. xo

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Double heh


Via Simply Jews.

MORE:  Whatever you hear, tho, even the best and most widely-read blogs aren’t the reason for the newspaper industry’s continuing demise. It’s more like the death of paper. Just can’t compete, economically, with pixels. The former is so expensive, the latter is so cheap. Tho obliging governments can slow it down.

Mrs. Charm

I’ve been considering this for a while now and I’ve finally decided to give Mr. Boy’s mom an anonymouse name of her own, instead of just referring to her as his mom, etc., which sounds sort of like I’m a stepdad, which is not the case. I will even give her a separate category of her own, so I can do posts on her doings, now and then. I did steal the name from the same nice blog where I filched the map of the "soler system," but there it’s Mr. Charm, so, their being of different genders, I doubt we’ll get them mixed up. In this blogosphere, we all learn from each other. More or less.

Hollyweird’s awards

The movies were depressing, with their usual nihilism. No wonder fewer watch the Oscars every year, and ticket buyers dwindle–though, in truth, you wouldn’t know it from all the attention the blogosphere gave and gave and gave the show. But movies are supposed to touch the heart, not merely the political affiliation. I’m filing this one under obituaries because these lefty varmints are killing themselves. Not that I care, mind you.

UPDATE:  Lowest viewership in history. Still, thirty-two million means the bottom hasn’t been reached yet.  

Another dumb S.W.A.T. raid?

Instapundit has an interesting post on the actions of sheriff’s deputies in Denver, enforcing a court order. He takes pains to post both sides, the complainants and the cops, but then he can’t resist ending it with a swiping bit of irrelevance more worthy of a snarling liberal than a dispassionate libertarian: "I doubt they’d have gone this route in a fancy neighborhood nearly as quickly as in a trailer park."

As an old cop reporter who has frequently been infuriated by police behavior, I must say they’d have to be terminally stupid not to treat a trailer park differently than a fancy neighborhood, considering they’re statistically a lot more likely to be gunned down in the former than the latter. That Prof. Reynolds–whose good stuff I read every day–doesn’t seem to realize this doesn’t speak too well of his understanding of law enforcement. Or is it just another example of the blogosphere’s tendency to go off half-cocked?