Cosmic ray storm

Sol’s protracted solar minimum, which began about 2007, has opened the inner solar system to the highest concentration of cosmic rays yet measured during the space age (about fifty years old).

Which should provide a good test of Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark’s theory that cosmic rays provide seed nuclei for the low-altitude clouds that keep Earth’s temperature low. The theory is an alternative to the carbon dioxide argument, in that fewer cosmic rays hitting Earth would mean fewer low-level clouds and thus correspondingly higher temperatures. If Svensmark’s theory–explained in his 2008 book The Chilling Stars–is correct, winters could become more severe. At least until Sol’s minimum turns back to maximum.

0 responses to “Cosmic ray storm

  1. What is the timeframe for the change? I mean, I wonder where I will live to see the solution to the whole squabble.

  2. They don’t know the timeframe for the change.
    The Sun just keeps refusing to act they way it’s acted for the last 50 years.
    They keep saying, “It’ll start getting active real soon now” and then, it doesn’t.
    I checked the NASA site;O=D
    And it appears that the two sunspots from last week are gone and no new ones have started.
    Yeah, the Sun is really angering scientists, it just won’t do what it’s supposed to do.

  3. Snoop: I doubt anyone will ever see “the solution to the whole squabble.” Science, unlike politics, never runs out of questions.
    Thanks for the link, Veeshir. I hadn’t realized the spots were gone already. The remaining 1027 on today’s photo is only a speck. But, like the scientists, I am more comfortable when the sun follows some pattern we can recognize. Chaos is not in anyone’s interest.

  4. Chaos isn’t nearly as bad an ice age.
    We are in some big trouble if there’s an ice age.
    Actually, Mexico is in big trouble if there’s an ice age. We’ll need some land to replace the northern tier and theirs will do nicely.
    Whoever has the land Russia wants is screwed too.
    Canada? Eh, they’ll finally get to be Americans, only they’ll be living in Kansas dodging glaciers.