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Texas suit against EPA

I’m glad Gov. Perry and AG Abbott are  suing to stop Obamalot’s EPA from damaging the Texas and U.S. economies in pursuit of resolving, at best, speculative man-made global warming. Hanging the suit on the credibility of EPA’s reliance on the IPCC report looks smart.

But it seems that whether the agency’s planned intervention survives will depend largely on a 2007 supreme court decision allowing it to claim carbon dioxide is a health-damaging pollutant. To reverse that would take another suit entirely, though it might be done on appeal if the Texas suit is turned back for that or some allied reason.

MORE:  Whatever the legacy media thinks about it, Texas has done everybody a favor in trying to stop the EPA’s runaway regulation train.

AGW critic recovering

Turns out that scientist at the Copenhagen meeting who suffered a heart attack was Henrik Svensmark, author of a plausible book and much research behind it as to what (besides carbon dioxide), might be causing the global warming that may or may not actually be occurring.

Svensmark seems to be recovering from what seems to have been a malfunctioning pacemaker, according to this hard-to-read Google translation of a Danish newspaper account, posted by Anthony Watts. Svensmark believes that a lack of cosmic rays to provide the seed nuclei for the formation of clouds to keep the temperature low is behind whatever warming there is. Sol’s recent sleep apparently has upped the cosmic ray count, which Svensmark might say is bringing the recent early winters.

Mike’s Nature Trick


This is the fraudulent "hockey stick" that is the basis of the Copenhagen meeting seeking to transform the world economy by impoverishing the West. All in service to a charade that plenty of Web wanderers can see while the Legacy Media and most politicians ignore it for their own reasons.

Best brief explanation of the complicated subject I’ve seen is Sammy Benoit’s here. With luck we’ll dodge the Copenhagen clowns, and their disgraceful "scientist" partners, but Barry’s EPA’s plan to regulate our whole economy via carbon dioxide emissions may trump them yet.

Cosmic ray storm

Sol’s protracted solar minimum, which began about 2007, has opened the inner solar system to the highest concentration of cosmic rays yet measured during the space age (about fifty years old).

Which should provide a good test of Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark’s theory that cosmic rays provide seed nuclei for the low-altitude clouds that keep Earth’s temperature low. The theory is an alternative to the carbon dioxide argument, in that fewer cosmic rays hitting Earth would mean fewer low-level clouds and thus correspondingly higher temperatures. If Svensmark’s theory–explained in his 2008 book The Chilling Stars–is correct, winters could become more severe. At least until Sol’s minimum turns back to maximum.