It was inevitable. After two years of forcing Mr. B. to write in cursive (essentially because his printing is sloppier and much harder to read) he has developed a signature. Looping and swooping at the end.

More Dionysian than his late grandfather’s (which he has never seen) which was rather severe. Moreso even than mine ever was, even at his age. (Years ago I lost the flourish and went with a quick, neat signature that could be done in a hurry.) Interesting development, this. Or maybe it’s just that the Y on the end of the surname encourages a loop and a swoop.

0 responses to “Signatures

  1. Reminds me of a friend who, quite late in life, came up with an idea of just putting V as his signature. Has a lot of trouble in these shops who use electronic signature recognizing device 😉

  2. Yeah, you can’t ask too much of computers. They get resentful. And pout.