When Interpol comes calling

It can, you know. And when government can, it usually does. A 1983 federal executive order by President Reagan limited International Police operations in the U.S. No more. Barry changed it a week before Christmas. Interpol (aka the Global Police) can now operate here with complete autonomy. Your Bill of Rights will not apply.

Via The Seablogger.

0 responses to “When Interpol comes calling

  1. Well, well, what do you know. Black helicopters’ time, ain’t it?

    I guess FBI will have to invent some new law that insures its rights to search and confiscate everything.

  2. I expect they’ll prefer to drive SUVs. Actually the FBI can now bring Interpol into its case and thereby make the case exempt from the usual 4th Amendment protections, not to mention FOI.

  3. Oh well, I hope it doesn’t come to that. I hope that the usual American common sense will prevail.

    You know, I am trying to steer far enough from US internal politics, both being a delicate (well…) person and besides ignorant to boot. But I always made fun of the militias and their passion for alien designs on US freedoms.

    I guess I shall have to watch that issue now too, after reading that article. Who knows, I may want to join the militias one day…