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King Putz vs King Caboose

Mocking black people is a sure way to get called a racist nowadays, especially the current head black person, old Barry himself. But I have always enjoyed tweaking authority and, in particular, defying convention. And I just balk at using the monikers from all the African name changing, particularly Barry’s, who only changed his when he was in college in California.

But the name Barry, which he was called throughout his Indonesian and Hawaiian upbringing and into his early college years, is just too respectful for such a jerk. So I started calling him King Putz, which is Yiddish for fool. But, then, here lately, I have seen him referred to as King Caboose, which follows from his tendency to “lead from behind.”

Much safer that way, you see, for a pol who always voted “present” to avoid taking a controversial position. And King Caboose, instead of, say, lying party-boy, just has a nice ring to it. Thus, henceforth on this here blog, my friends, King Caboose it will be.

No white man can beat Obamalot

Bad as he is, and Barry-the-president (an adolescent who doesn’t do his homework) is baaad, no old white male Republican is going to beat him out of a second term. That’s my belief. And Shelby Steele deftly explains why:

“….anyone who runs against Mr. Obama will be seen through the filter of this racial impressionism, in which white skin is redundant and dark skin is fresh and exceptional. This is the new cultural charisma that the president has introduced into American politics.”

Steele thinks running against political correctness might do it. I don’t agree. I think the ONLY way to beat Barry, is for the GOP to nominate a woman.

So far, only Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann seem ready to run. Although whether either will is questionable. Condoleezza Rice could work but she doesn’t seem to want it. But it better be one of them because no white man has a chance. And four more years of our affirmative-action president could be devastating.

Hey, I thought protest was patriotic

Captain Omerica

Naw, that was just for anti-Bush Democrats. Fortunately, these days, all you need is a few bucks for a web site, a video camera, some friends and, bingo, comeback even to the legacy media. Which is so sensitive about its declining audience that it will even take the time to respond to you. What a country.

Via Simply Jews.

Why unemployment is 10+ percent

It’s the uncertainty, stupid! The uncertainty of what our anti-business president and his yahoo party will do next. Whose taxes they will raise and so forth. In such a climate would you risk increasing your payroll? Duh.

UPDATE:  Indeed, when the Democrats discover (as if they didn’t know it all along) that taxing the rich won’t pay the freight for their programs, they’ll put the taxes on business and the middle class. They always do it, and the voters never seem to learn how this shell game works until it’s too late.

When Interpol comes calling

It can, you know. And when government can, it usually does. A 1983 federal executive order by President Reagan limited International Police operations in the U.S. No more. Barry changed it a week before Christmas. Interpol (aka the Global Police) can now operate here with complete autonomy. Your Bill of Rights will not apply.

Via The Seablogger.

Barry as Iago

Barry’s supposed journalistic critics contend he is merely clueless due to his lack of experience. But Shakespeare’s great play Othello, suggests another view entirely:

“Obama is not merely ‘clueless.’ Even when he gives lip service about the regrettable necessity of war as he did in the Nobel speech, Obama’s words do not ring true because they lack conviction. Iago, too, repeatedly professes his allegiance to Othello and has a reputation of being honest. Too many around him overlook evidence to the contrary. But careful readers understand character.”

Worth a look.

EPA: air is a pollutant

Corruption and elitism is steadily undermining the populace’s respect for the federal government. Stupidity won’t help:

"Carbon dioxide, which has existed as a major component of Earth’s atmosphere for billions of years — and which is necessary for plant growth — is now a declared pollutant."

Let the lawsuits and judicial stays begin. This one is going to be very hard to enforce. We may finally see widespread refusal to obey, as the feds seize the means of production and the national economy grinds to a halt. Cash and barter, anyone?