Helping Haiti

My own preference for charity donations, for a helping hand in disasters and at major crime scenes, is the Salvation Army. The Red Cross has too much political baggage and too often discriminates, especially in the Middle East. The Sally, however, is pure good works. They don’t care whose side you’re on.

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  1. I try to always look at their “administrative” percentage before giving to charity. At work we have CFC where they’ll take your donation directly out of your check, I usually do stuff for cops, soldiers and firemen, but I also always look at the percentages.
    Some United Way offices are around 90%, the Red Cross is usually always above 50%.
    Screw them.
    I’ll endorse your Salvation Army deal, they go where things are the worst and do the best for everybody.
    I don’t believe, (you don’t believe what they believe either I assume), but they do good according to the best tenets of their religion.

  2. I don’t share their religion, no, but I have seen them in operation in the aftermath of mass murders, big fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. and I think they’re just superb. They don’t push the religion on you, either.

  3. On this side of the Pond we are fortunate to have the Disasters Emergency Committee – an umbrella group which efficiently coordinates the fundraising efforts of 13 major secular and religious emergency relief and humanitarian aid charities.

  4. That should read “fundraising and logistics efforts”

  5. Works for me, Francis. Thanks for stopping by.