Need a site tech? Try Scott Chaffin

I first heard of Scott when Alan Sullivan would occasionally mention his gratitude for Scott’s expert help on this or that tech problem at Alan’s blog Fresh Bilge.  So, when I finally got the nerve to migrate TTS from obtuse Movable Type to relatively-easy WordPress, I knew who to call.

Email, actually, via Scott’s blog The Fat Guy. He made it as painless as possible at a reasonable fee and was finished in about 48 hours. He also does “multiple business sites, as well as plenty of personal ones… domain registration and management, web hosting on my server, and web hosting at the super-high-power Rackspace server, for additional fees.” So, if you need site tech help, try Scott. He’s even good at explaining what you need to know when he’s no longer around.

0 responses to “Need a site tech? Try Scott Chaffin

  1. Scott Chaffin

    That’s extremely kind of you, and I appreciate it…

  2. It’s the best I can do, having no disgruntled blog friends to pass you on to. Hope it helps.

  3. Scott Chaffin

    LOL — I don’t just do blogs. Although I am especially good at them. Just remember me the next time someone says they need a intertube techie, that’s all I ask.

  4. Okey doke. 😉