Build Your Own Solar Panel

That’s good advice, really, especially if you can weasel a government subsidy for it out of your local congressman. How do you think T. Boone Pickens plans to make money off wind power? Ain’t going to be in the profits, folks. Them’s fantasies.

The proof? This amazing article in American Thinker which has tracked down evidence that the alternative energy shuck so beloved by Obamalot and kibitzers at Starbucks, is bankrupting Europe and its practitioners are trying desperately to move it to our shores.

For the federal subsidies the Dems want to pay. While we already have abandoned wind farms in Hawaii and California that never paid their way after the subsidies expired. For one thing, the maintenance costs were too high. Let’s face it. If alternative energy was real it would be available to all without help from Henry Waxman. So get crackin’ on that solar panel and write your congressman for some of that stimulus money. You can’t make it pay otherwise.

0 responses to “Build Your Own Solar Panel

  1. They offer solar panels here, too. An initial investment of something like $10K minimum. All calculations show that it will pay off in around 30 years or so.

  2. Yep, works fine for running something small that doesn’t need a lot of power. Running a refrigerator? Forget it.