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Ten thousand five hundred and thirty five

That’s how many pages there are in the ObamaCare regulations published so far in the Federal Register. California Democrat Henry Waxman apparently has not read them.

He dismissed a question from CNSNews correspondent Penny Starr about whether he had read the regs by calling it “a propaganda question.”

That was a curious turn of phrase. “Propaganda” was one of the criticisms the IRS applied in denying Tea Party get-out-the-vote groups ordinary tax exemptions before the 2012 presidential elections, and in one case until this week. Democrat minds think alike, obviously.

Ten thousand five hundred and thirty five pages of regulations. Doctors who can’t afford to hire lawyers to read and interpret the regs aren’t going to be in business for long. Ready for your “free” medical care? Good luck with that.

UPDATE:  During the “shut down,” or “slim down,” we’re discovering why they need so many regs. They have all these “nonessential federal employees” who need something to do.

MORE:  Maybe some of them could be put to work on the ObamaCare website—so far, it sucks. And, big surprise, it’s getting worse. Is FEMA running it?


“[Henry] Waxman is the California Congressman who looks like a fruit bat and heads up the House Committee on Wealth Extraction and Job Disappearance.”

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Build Your Own Solar Panel

That’s good advice, really, especially if you can weasel a government subsidy for it out of your local congressman. How do you think T. Boone Pickens plans to make money off wind power? Ain’t going to be in the profits, folks. Them’s fantasies.

The proof? This amazing article in American Thinker which has tracked down evidence that the alternative energy shuck so beloved by Obamalot and kibitzers at Starbucks, is bankrupting Europe and its practitioners are trying desperately to move it to our shores.

For the federal subsidies the Dems want to pay. While we already have abandoned wind farms in Hawaii and California that never paid their way after the subsidies expired. For one thing, the maintenance costs were too high. Let’s face it. If alternative energy was real it would be available to all without help from Henry Waxman. So get crackin’ on that solar panel and write your congressman for some of that stimulus money. You can’t make it pay otherwise.

A cure worse than the disease

Henry Waxman, he of the notorious nostrils, seems to be preparing for a taxpayer bailout of the newspaper industry. Say it ain’t so, Henry. What they need is to find a way to bring back the car, real estate and classified ads, which they might be able to do on their Websites which attract more eyeballs than the individual sites for car dealers and realtors, at least.

Even with government help, they aren’t likely to be able to recreate their defunct 30 percent profit business models for the paper paper. Maybe the ones who have the least debt to service can survive in diminished form. The others? I doubt even they would want to be on Henry’s leash which I’m sure he’d find a way to make selective, eliminating foes such as The Washington Times. Then there would be the problem of selling them. Who’d want to buy the news so obviously according to the federal government?

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Weener Waxman

I was at the Honda dealer last week getting the rice-burning CRV its 80,000 mile checkup so I saw the Roger Clemens appearance before Democrat dingbat Henry Waxman’s dog-and-pony-show on CNN. I didn’t actually listen. I preferred the Outlaws on my MP3 player. But I noticed from the body language that Clemens, the Longhorns ex and Houston Astros ace, was consistently defiant, and Waxman, a political bully of consistently ill repute, was more weasel-like than usual. Now he’s sorry, in a manner of speaking. I’ll say. He sure is.