Osama’s Keystone Kop

We’re either very lucky or the enemy is very inept.

This young Saudi, living in the windy, isolated West Texas city of Lubbock on a student visa and, therefore, apparently attending Texas Tech University (though they managed to keep their name out of the stories), got caught buying some unusually-toxic industrial chemicals.  To make bombs for terrorist attacks, the feds say.

We’re lucky that Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari isn’t the finest product of human evolution. Or, uh, maybe he is. This could well be evolution at work.

0 responses to “Osama’s Keystone Kop

  1. Why is that some people start building bombs immediately after learning some basic chemistry? Do they play out some repressed childhood miseries?

    I have built enough explosive things as a kid, I remember.

    • Dick Stanley

      I set a lot of fires, mainly in plastic models I was tired of looking at. But I never had a religious motive for it.