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Benghazi probe hotting up?

Could the Stupid Party be actually, truly, you know, “investigating” the Benghazi murders?

There’s a new warning from House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to the legal offices of CIA, Defense and State to start helping their tattling employees lawyer up for anticipated Democrat revenge in public hearings to come. Remains to be seen whether it’s more than hot air.

Via Instapundit.

Our Palestinian allies

Look like the Klan, don’t they? But, hey, it’s okay. They’re with the Religion of Peace. That’s why Uncle Barry recently overrode congress to give them another $192 million of your tax money.

Islamist Head Start

“An Islamist insurgent-run radio station in Somalia says it is awarding guns, bombs and books to three children in a Quran recital contest.”

In 2009 the prizes were guns, mines and grenades.

Via Simply Jews

So What Are People Saying Over There?

“That’s the question my father often asks me on our way home from the airport in Texas. ‘So what do people think about what’s going on…..about Prime Minister Netanyahu…..about the revolution in Egypt?'”

Humor with bite from Benji Lovitt in Jerusalem.

My friend, Snoopy-the-Goon, for one, says many Israelis have given up on the idea of peace ever happening. Even though his own backyard bomb shelter is full of junk and its door rusted open, the hinges unyielding to WD-40.

The real baby killers

“There was Elad, lying on a small throw rug wearing socks. His little hands were clenched into fists. What was a four-year-old to do against two grown men with knives? He clenched his fists. So did his big brother.”

Their helpless newborn sister was decapitated.

In Gaza, adult Palestinians danced and handed out candies to celebrate the psychotic murders.

The baby killers “…can expect to have a sports stadium or school in Ramallah or Hebron built for them by the Palestinian Authority and underwritten by American or European taxpayers.”

Next week, Obamalot and the New York Times will demand the Israelis continue trying to make peace with these animals.

Osama’s Keystone Kop

We’re either very lucky or the enemy is very inept.

This young Saudi, living in the windy, isolated West Texas city of Lubbock on a student visa and, therefore, apparently attending Texas Tech University (though they managed to keep their name out of the stories), got caught buying some unusually-toxic industrial chemicals.  To make bombs for terrorist attacks, the feds say.

We’re lucky that Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari isn’t the finest product of human evolution. Or, uh, maybe he is. This could well be evolution at work.

Jihad for real

The old media is saying Army Maj. Malik Nidal Hasan killed twelve and wounded thirty-one at Fort Hood, northwest of Austin, today because he was being deployed to Iraq the war and "was upset about it." Sure. I’ll bet.

The FBI, always quick to put its foot in its mouth, already is saying it was not terrorism. As if they could possibly know. Sounds like jihad to me, pure and simple. Otherwise the fool would have killed himself, eh? Rather than execute and cripple strangers.

MORE: Instapundit, as usual on any big breaking news, has a good roundup. More Jihad evidence. Naturally, pathetically, it comes from a British newspaper. Well, Fox had it, too. You know, that news service Barry-the-journalism-expert hates so much. Meanwhile, Newsweak (who else?) blames the Pentagon for overstressing troops like the noble doctor. No Jihad on their radar. Surprise, surprise.