Unsustainable is irrelevant

As usual, Obamalot and the greens have their heads up their posteriors.

“Instead of singlemindedly trying to force people to do without carbon-emitting fuels, we must recognize that we won’t make any real progress in cutting CO2 emissions until we can create affordable, efficient alternatives.

“We are far from that point today: much-hyped technologies such as wind and solar energy remain very expensive and inefficient compared with cheap fossil fuels. Globally, wind provides just 0.3 percent of our energy, and solar a minuscule 0.1 percent.

Read. It. All.

For my money, we should, uh, blow off wind, and put the solar panels in space and beam the energy down. But the greens would never stand for that.

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  1. I wish greens left any alternative to people who want more than just a cave. Here’s what Francis says:


    In fact, many greens are against solar panels as well. Solar panels hurt the local fauna and flora, you see…

  2. Dick Stanley

    They wouldn’t hurt anything if they were in space, but that presents other controversies.

    Not even the greens want to live in caves. Look at their champions Al Gore and his mansion and John Kerry and his tax-avoiding yacht. They just want everyone else to live in caves so they can feel good about themselves while they’re living large.

    It’s even more telling that big countries like India and China are not having these disputes over energy. They’re consuming fossil fuels like crazy to get the industry and living standards they want. And so anything the U.S. or Europe do on cutting back CO2 emissions will be overshadowed.