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Blackouts in Oz

In California the electricity blackouts are planned in advance of fire season and mainly affect rural areas. In Australia they’re caused by over-reliance on wind and solar. With urban businesses forced to buy spendy diesel generators as backups in Oz.

Thank goodness we’re back to producing oil and gas under Trump after Bronco Bama’s flirtation with subsidizing wind and solar.

Via Meteorological Musings

UPDATE:  Only a state that’s neglected its electric grid needs to worry about it starting forest fires. But that’s what pols do, neglect the maintenance on what their predecessors created while seeking trendy alternatives, whether they work or not. That’s why Amtrak sleeping cars are shabby and even DC Metro is falling apart.

Unsustainable is irrelevant

As usual, Obamalot and the greens have their heads up their posteriors.

“Instead of singlemindedly trying to force people to do without carbon-emitting fuels, we must recognize that we won’t make any real progress in cutting CO2 emissions until we can create affordable, efficient alternatives.

“We are far from that point today: much-hyped technologies such as wind and solar energy remain very expensive and inefficient compared with cheap fossil fuels. Globally, wind provides just 0.3 percent of our energy, and solar a minuscule 0.1 percent.

Read. It. All.

For my money, we should, uh, blow off wind, and put the solar panels in space and beam the energy down. But the greens would never stand for that.