Be Breitbart

Yep, one more post about Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012.

I didn’t know this guy, who was born the year I fought in Viet Nam, but I loved his takedown of ACORN. I didn’t know until I read a few of his obits that he helped create the Drudge Report, which was first in exposing the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal when Newsweak was trying to hide it. And also the Huffington Post, which I never read and couldn’t care less about. But two out of three ain’t bad.

What I also liked about him and what makes me sorry that he worked himself into a second heart attack at age 43 is what Bill Whittle, who did know him well, says was Breitbart’s fundamental message (and the reason so many Lefty media clones shamed themselves by gloating over his death): the enemy for conservatives is not Obozo, not liberalism, not Alinsky, not Al Queda, not Iran, etc. The enemy is the media.

As someone who worked for the swamp beast for thirty-five years, I know he was right. Because if the media was as fair to all sides as it pretends to be (and which it has never been) the country would be a lot different. In all probability, for instance, Obumbles, who is as inept as any man who’s ever had the job, would not be president.

Someone else (I forget who) also quoted Breitbart as saying that because of the Internet, the media (most appropriately known as the Democrat Media Complex) no longer can have the last word. Which is one reason their political pals in Congress and at the FCC are constantly trying to devise ways to censor it.

A smart, good man, Mr. Breitbart. Alas, the good really do die young.

0 responses to “Be Breitbart

  1. He was a complex man, for sure. Done some wrong things too, but not too many.

    But the creatures who gloat over his death are real slime.

    RIP Andrew Breibart.

  2. Dick Stanley

    I missed the wrong things. Maybe you could enlighten me?

    Fundamentally, I think, because I recognize the breed, he was a journalist who knew a good story when he saw one and was more interested in being first with it than in following any agenda.