Obamalot’s shell game

Our lout of a president is offering a private deal to Vladimir Putin, as one petty tyrant to another: If Putin doesn’t criticise him while he’s running for re-election, why, when he’s won a second term, he’ll be “flexible” on our missile defense for Poland and other Eastern European countries which Putin wants eliminated—to facilitate any future Russian attack.

Given the president’s wellknown penchant for lying about everything from Obamacare to the price of gasoline, it’s hard to say who would get the bigger screwing here, Eastern Europe or Putin. It better be Putin or the Republicans will have really good grounds for impeachment.

0 responses to “Obamalot’s shell game

  1. Oh well, a pol must lie to keep being a pol. I, for once, will enjoy seeing Putin believing Obama, only to get screwed later.

  2. Dick Stanley

    With Obama, the chance of getting screwed is very good. Although I wonder about him and Michelle. Maybe that’s why she vacations all the time?