Wife beating 101

Islam is the only religion I ever heard of that not only sanctions wife-beating, but gives instructions on how to do it. Just enough. Not too much. And, as Donald Sensing notes, the reason is simple:

“Islam formally infuses little to no value in this life and in this world. Allah is remote and unconnected… There is no chance in Islamic thought that Allah could possibly be embodied among us – this Christian idea is very specifically rejected in the Quran – and there is no concept whatever of the Holy Spirit, or, as the Jewish Scriptures put it, the Presence of the Lord.”

So go ahead, Mr. Muslim. Beat your wife if she won’t do your biding. Allah couldn’t care less and he isn’t watching.

0 responses to “Wife beating 101

  1. This is why Muslims in general are so relaxed and peaceful. Or are they?

  2. Dick Stanley

    Sure, the men submit to Allah and the women submit to the men. Simple. Mostly. Sometimes. Occasionally.