Middle school grade inflation

The new big deal among the unionized teachers of Texas (ably assisted by their overpaid chums in the administrative office) is giving grades for study hall in middle school. Yep.

To make the teachers and the administrators look good they now give study hall grades, which generally helps raise a student’s overall average.

So if you’re barely passing major subjects, your A in study hall will pull you (and them) through. Unless—like Mr. B. here lately—you’ve found a way to flunk study hall.

Well, actually he has a 69 which is a D. Or he would have except they’ve also eliminated the D. Nowadays, a 70 is a C, but a 69 is an F. More grade inflation. It’s a game folks, a game called politics and it’s reached down to sixth grade.

Well, actually, it’s reached down to first grade where, for the longest time, Mr. B. thought Sojourner Truth had freed the slaves. Just like he was all worked up (at six years old) about the threat of global warming which was presented as the truth. You know “settled science.” Politics, indeed.

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