Call The Cops At Your Own Risk

Not all the bad news is political. Things have also changed in your very neighborhood. The headline is the title of a good article here, with two revealing videos attached.

The first video is supposed to show how the cops will beat an innocent man bloody. Well, not exactly. To my eyes, we see a very stupid man resisting arrest for which he is beaten, certainly more than is necessary, but, after all, he started it.

The second video is much more impressive. It’s a 48-minute law school lecture, but it isn’t at all dry. Especially not because when the professor finishes he turns the podium over to a police detective who proceeds to underline everything the professor has said.

Which boils down to this: If you are involved in any way in a crime (even as the victim), do not ever talk to the cops. Stand on your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Only ask for the chance to contact a lawyer. And, if you have a choice in the matter, don’t summon the cops in the first place. Call the lawyer first, let the lawyer summon them.

The badge gang no longer exists to help you. If they ever did. Sad but true.

0 responses to “Call The Cops At Your Own Risk

  1. Yep, the second video was really enlightening, thanks.

  2. Of course, with no Fifth Amendment in Israel, you would have to play the game differently.

  3. In fact here you don’t have tell anything aside of your name, address and ID number to the cop. There are some nuances about whether cops have to explain this to you or not, but you can keep silent.