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Cop killers

For all the criticisms I have posted about killer cops, I will have no truck with cop killers. That should go without saying, but in case it doesn’t…

The problems I’m concerned about are fixable politically if the pols have the cahones to take on the police unions and police chiefs, the ersatz little generals wearing four and five stars. Who have now, after the NYC cop ambush killings, apparently encouraged police across the country to make no arrests that are not “absolutely necessary.” I would have thought that’s what they were doing already, but I guess not.

Instead of working the obvious problems, the pols are now using the NYC killings as an excuse to continue doing nothing, and some of them are trying to make it a left-right issue. And that would be a pity that might well lead to more ambushes of police officers. I hope not. It will only make them more agitated.

That the NYC killer Brinsley suicided will make no difference. Whatever he had to say wouldn’t have meant much to the issue at hand, the issue I see, of cops treating too many of us, white and black, as combatants in a war. The drug war, as the pols have dubbed it, arming the cops to the teeth with Pentagon castoffs. And then slunk back into the shadows to take no responsibility for the outcome. Damn their eyes.

I hope the killings stop—on both sides. But the way things are going I wouldn’t count on it.

UPDATE:  The legit complaints are being lumped with the radical b.s. and the usual flag wavers and cop apologists are lining up on the other side. At this rate we will never get rid of the militarized police and their armored cars and bayonets.

MORE:  There’s reason to believe things will get worse, because they already have: “There’s evidence that aggressive policing in the NYPD is intensifying, according to data from the New York City Comptroller. Police misconduct claims – including lawsuits against police for using the kind of excessive force that killed Garner – have risen 214 percent since 2000, while the amount the city paid out has risen 75 percent in the same period, to $64.4 million in fiscal year 2012, the last year for which data is available.”

The badge gang’s crimes

Good examples of why the Badge Gang needs reform:

“They can shoot unarmed men and lie about it. They can roll up and execute a child with a toy as casually as one might in Grand Theft Auto. They can bumble around opening doors with their gun hand and kill bystanders, like a character in a dark farce, with little fear of serious consequences. They can choke you to death for getting a little mouthy about selling loose cigarettes. They can shoot you because they aren’t clear on who the bad guy is, and they can shoot you because they’re terrible shots, and they can shoot you because they saw something that might be a weapon in your hand—something that can be … any fucking thing at all, including nothing.”

Fortunately, people are finally catching on to the fact that Officer Friendly ain’t.

Via The Atlantic & Fox News.

Our predatory police

Four months after the Capitol police and Secret Service murdered Miriam Carey, in daylight on D.C. streets, her family’s lawyers have notified the feds they will sue for $75 million.

It won’t bring the 34-year-old mother back to her toddler daughter who narrowly escaped death from a police frenzy.

Most shocking of all is that the Democrat White House’s so-called “justice” department, along with D.C.’s Democrat newspaper—once lauded in story and film but now derisively known as the WaPo—are still mum about the murdered black mom.

Being big, male and Hispanic didn’t help Luis Rodriguez in Oklahoma when five members of the badge gang decided to go berserk. As their defenders put it, cops sometimes have to make snap decisions. We’re seeing a lot of snap decisions lately: cops shooting first, asking questions later, if there’s anyone left alive to ask.

UPDATE:  They’re ridiculously touchy, too. Chicago 13-year-old gets felony charge for hitting cop in shoulder with, wait for it, a snowball.

Officer Friendly is out of control

“Forced anal cavity searches have replaced pepper spraying and tasering as the most popular [police] form of degrading human beings…”

Texas has had some of these, too.

At least it’s preferable to being murdered like Miriam Carey.

Via Instapundit.

The courageous badge gang in action

Surely you have noticed in those sycophantic “news” photos in your local rag that the courageous badge gang’s drug busts and frequent murders always involve some modest little home like this one.

Ever seen them take down a mansion? Me neither. And I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that our latest president is a former dope smoker and coke snorter whose prep school buds also, somehow, managed to avoid arrest.

Call The Cops At Your Own Risk

Not all the bad news is political. Things have also changed in your very neighborhood. The headline is the title of a good article here, with two revealing videos attached.

The first video is supposed to show how the cops will beat an innocent man bloody. Well, not exactly. To my eyes, we see a very stupid man resisting arrest for which he is beaten, certainly more than is necessary, but, after all, he started it.

The second video is much more impressive. It’s a 48-minute law school lecture, but it isn’t at all dry. Especially not because when the professor finishes he turns the podium over to a police detective who proceeds to underline everything the professor has said.

Which boils down to this: If you are involved in any way in a crime (even as the victim), do not ever talk to the cops. Stand on your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Only ask for the chance to contact a lawyer. And, if you have a choice in the matter, don’t summon the cops in the first place. Call the lawyer first, let the lawyer summon them.

The badge gang no longer exists to help you. If they ever did. Sad but true.

Stop the drug war!

I couldn’t agree more with these folks who want an end to the American “war on drugs” which has become a war on Americans and Mexicans and Central Americans and anyone else who gets in the way of our corrupt government and its thieving politicos and drug enforcement outlaws.

Drug enforcement outlaws? The badge gang called the DEA, among others, and the local cops they encourage to break down doors of private homes (often the wrong homes) and terrorize people in search of a little weed or a little blow, as our hypocritical president used to call his drugs. Enough is enough.