Beating the white supremacist drum

[Updated below]

The snooze media, when it’s not sucking up to our imperial president, his cronies and political party (for you newly arrived illegal immigrants, that would be the Democrats), likes to emphasize our political hyphenation of the past several decades. You know, the multiculturalism nonsense (all cultures are equal; none are superior to any other) that’s supposed to (somehow) make minorities feel better about themselves if they happen to come from a (clearly) backward culture.

Thus the recent killing of the district attorney and his wife in their home in North Texas is, the ever-mendacious NYTimes and cBS assure us, the probable work of the “white supremacist” group the Aryan Brotherhood.  (When it comes to brotherhoods the only one the snooze media likes is the radical Muslim version.)

As Wretchard points out in one of his usual understated blog postings, white supremacism is the snooze media’s favorite hobby horse because it excites their multiculturalist chums. After the Tea Party, perhaps. And gun owners are somewhere on the list. But snoozers have been flogging the gun owners recently and before that the Tea Party. So now, apparently, it’s time (to continue mixing metaphors) to beat the white supremacist drum again. All of which are much easier than thinking or actually working, two things the snooze media tries really hard to avoid and almost always succeeds.

Especially when the probable reason for the DA’s murder is (as usual) staring them in the face. It’s one of the big three. The big three any cop will tell you is the usual reason for murder: sex, drugs or money. Wait and see. The odds are it’ll be one of them, not white supremacism at all. And the snooze media will act like they never doubted it from the beginning and go back to picking on the gun owners.

UPDATE:  Indeed, by April 19, a former justice of the peace and his wife have been charged with the crime, neither of them Tea Party or Aryan Brotherhood members. Nor organizers of a dramatic “hit.” Just plain vanilla murderers, apparently over money. Big surprise.

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  1. Even if the reason is one of the big three, the press will never tell us. Their opinions are the only reality, they are immutable.

    Besides, the AP says that you can’t use the term “illegal immigrants” anymore. You shouldn’t label people, just what they do. Of course, they haven’t stipulated what descriptor should replace the latest PC casualty.

    Now I wonder what the AP will call terrorists?

  2. Ach, but what you call the big three are not on the list of scoop makers. At least, unless the person murdered wasn’t a celeb.

    So you can consider the choice of the racial angle to be purely “professional”, so to say…

  3. Dick Stanley

    The AP never calls anyone or any group a terrorist because “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, etc.”

    Back in my newspaper days the PC term for illegals was “undocumented,” as if their only problem was missing paperwork. Hispanic leftists in the newsroom raised a furor at anything they suspected of being detrimental to the continuing flow of, uh, illegals.

    Fortunately the snooze media is not entirely monolithic. There are renegades, usually local radio and TV, which have their own web sites nowadays, so their stuff is picked up by national sites such as Drudge and Instapundit.

    Indeed, most murdered people are not celebs and so go unreported except locally. I used to be surprised how often the big three pertained, but it makes sense when you think about what would make someone angry enough to murder. The dead DA already is being linked to possible “hit” by Mexican drug cartels, i.e. the drugs and money angles. The cartels ship product through Texas. Although, who knows, he could have been dallying with someone’s wife (the sex angle) and got blown away by the irate husband. No need for dramatic “hits,” though, of course, drama is much more appealing when you’re trying to sell advertising.