Slick Willie: Making more than he did selling pardons

He was/is to be paid $11,111 a minute for his upcoming appearance in Israel for President Perez’s 90th birthday. Then it became so controversial among Israelis that the payment now is in doubt.

A drop in the cesspool, actually, for the $13.4 million the Groper “earned” from speeches in 2011. And Monica? Where is the about-the-same-age-as-his-daughter Monica these days?

Hopefully glad to be rid of him, along with the other women he only fondled without their permission. I honestly can’t watch the pardon-selling swine without feeling as dirty as he is.

Indeed, inviting him to your 90th birthday would be like hiring a stripper for your wedding anniversary.

0 responses to “Slick Willie: Making more than he did selling pardons

  1. What do you have against strippers, Dick?

    No pun intended…

  2. Dick Stanley

    Nothing, really, though I realize comparing them to the Groper is a slur on their good name. But they’d be as out of place at a wedding anniversary as Slick Willie is anywhere in public. The man should become a hermit and leave us all alone to (thankfully) forget what he did.

  3. He he he. I love that Ynet parallel…

  4. Dick Stanley

    It’s a winner!