Some great music for pennies a pop

The computer game Neptune Gasoline never made it to production but that certainly wasn’t Jonathan Geer’s fault. My favorite Austin pianist/composer has done more than a few game soundtracks (thirteen so far) and Neptune Gasoline was one of his better efforts.

Fortunately, even if the game cratered, the music still is available in MP3 format at pennies a pop. My favorite there is A Thousand Light Years at 3:32 for a mere 89 cents, or more if you want to be generous and help out a talented guy who has the proverbial bright future ahead of him, shades and all.

Or try Eye of The Pond at 2:02, from Jonny’s soundtrack for Sparkle 2, an arcade puzzle game that is apparently pretty popular.

And don’t miss JG’s score for the PC adventure game OwlBoy, when it becomes available. No MP3s for sale yet, but you can preview the main theme of the really cool music here on YouTube.

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