Go get ’em, Ted

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s effort to defund Obamacare, which has proven to be far more expensive, intrusive and faulty than its Democrat backers promised, is getting as much flack from the GOP elite as the donks themselves.

“The GOP Establishment is so mad they have momentarily stopped attacking Sarah Palin…Fortunately, Governor Palin has not forgotten…”

Even the WSJ headlines Ted’s “confrontational tone.” Oh, dear. How rude of him.

And Ted’s co-senator, Corny Cornyn, is taking whacks at him, too. Corny, who isn’t really a conservative but only plays one on TV, needs to be recalled.

Ted, who also wisely wants to abolish the IRS, has taken to the Web, where all of us can register our backing for his effort. I did and you can, too. Go get ’em, Ted.

UPDATE:  Here’s a good excerpt from Ted’s marathon about how Obozocare is killing jobs. Time will tell whether he accomplished what he wanted, which was to energize the Tea Party and other small-government voters to more, not less, participation next year in the Congressional races and for the White House in 2016.

8 responses to “Go get ’em, Ted

  1. Oooooh, has he got them talking! The Libs know their house is built on a rotten foundation and with the right push it’ll all fall down. Putin did it on foreign affairs and they are terrified it’ll happen domestically. So attack Cruz with everything. Obama if not already is getting close to Humpty-Dumpty status!

  2. Mm… of course, it is not something I would ever understand, but besides being a good show and impressing a heck of a lot of people, did he get something tangible for the cause?

  3. Ted’s making a lot of Texans happy, and more elsewhere besides. He speaks for us “little people” who far outnumber the cynical bastards of both parties who are only interested in lining their pockets and exempting themselves and their cronies from the rules and regs they create such as Obozocare. He probably won’t stop Obozocare, but he is building a base for a presidential run in 2016 and, hopefully, more like him who can take back the Senate next year. It’s too soon to know the results of that.

  4. It’s somewhat like the battle of the Alamo. A battle unwanted by most, unwanted by nearly all, and unexpectedly (as said by contemporary pundits) influential. History is littered with unremembered “last stands”, but then there are those that brought victory from from the void of possible.

  5. That’s a good analogy, James (or is it Sennacherib?). Too bad “Defund Obamacare” doesn’t quite have the ring of “Remember the Alamo.”

  6. Ooops! Lapse in operational security there, Tiglath-Pileser I and boys back at the Ziggurat are going to be pretty pissed.

  7. Hot times down at the old Ziggurat, eh? Or should that be “up”?

  8. As you may well know Assyrians are a notoriously humorless bunch.