Lurching into the UN cesspool

Supposedly we don’t have to worry that Lurch, Obozo’s secretary of state, has signed the new UN Arms Treaty, which the NRA warns could lead to a real national gun registry on top of the defacto registry that’s already in place.

Not to mention effectively banning handguns and semi-automatics.

We don’t have to worry, we’re assured by various of the usual assurers, because the US Senate will never ratify the treaty and that’s a necessary step. Ah, but is it really? Well, not exactly:

“Once the U.S. signs a treaty, we hold ourselves bound not to violate the treaty’s ‘object and purpose.’ In other words, we obey in practice treaties that the Senate has never ratified.”

Fortunately, what one president’s lackey signs, another president’s lackey can later unsign. In the meantime, Obozo, who is already the country’s champion gun salesman—scaring American gun lovers into buying more guns before he can restrict them—will now become the premier recruiter for the National Rifle Association and the even fiestier Gun Owners of America.

Thanks, Barry!

2 responses to “Lurching into the UN cesspool

  1. The more unintended this side effect is, the more funny it becomes. Not for BHO, sure.

  2. At least he isn’t making himself irrelevant this time.